How to Write a Well-Rounded Asexual Character

Happy Monday! It’s now the second week of Camp NaNoWriMo. How have your projects been coming along? Since our San Diego Pride Parade is less than a week away and in honor of our LGBT+ friends and family, I thought we should cover one of the “+’s” that are often overlooked in literature. Continuing this Camp series theme of character tips (see our first on female villains and second on clichéd characters by clicking on the links), we’ll explore how to write an asexual character.

For those who don’t know, a person that identifies as asexual is a person that doesn’t have sexual feelings or associations.

So, how can we make them well-rounded? How can we expand their character to be more than just their definition and beat the stigma? Here’s 10 tips:

  1. Asexuality varies. If you want your character to be a victim of sexual assault, that’s fine. But don’t make this true for every asexual character — some people don’t want sex and it has nothing to do with past sexual experiences.
  2. Try giving your character a sexless romance — they’re asexual, not aromantic.
  3. Don’t call them a prude or shy. Recognize their sexuality.
  4. Don’t paint your asexual character to be the essence of innocence. You can have your asexual swear; they can be rude, like to dance dirty, have crude humor, literally anything any other character can be.
  5. Try giving them some friends. Lonely asexual stories are getting old. However, it’s important to keep in mind that asexuality is isolating.
  6. Introverted asexuals are cool — why not try having an extroverted asexual?
  7. No more sociopathic asexuals.
  8. Your ace character can be sex repulsed but don’t have that be the defining characteristic of your character. Give them a personality.
  9. DO NOT write an ace character just to have your protagonist suffer because they love them but won’t satisfy them sexually. That’s gross.
  10. If your whole point of having an asexual character is to have them meet the one and cure them of asexuality, do not write an asexual character.


What new topic would you like to see us explore during this week of Camp? Conflict? World-building/settings? Let us know!

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