5 Ways to Increase your Story’s Tension

Does your story need that extra oomph? Lacking anticipation?

Here’s 5 quick suggestions, following up to one of our first posts, 6 Ways to Drive Your Story Through Conflict, that will help move your story along.

  1. Don’t give your characters what they want
    It’d be too easy if they got everything they wanted! There should be some struggle.
    Another suggestion: give them what they want but make it have less of a payoff for them.
  2. Make your character’s situation worse.
    Some only learn from tough love and it makes for a great story.
  3. Set your story world/setting up with flaws and conflict.
    Create more of a hurdle for your character. Remember the premise in 1984? Tension was built right in!
  4. Create conflict between your characters.
  5. Increase the consequences of failure for your hero.
    Then the reader will root for them to reach their goals as well.

Thursday is almost over! Any fun writing goals for the weekend?

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