Call for Submissions: “Fazed”

EPIGRAPH PRESS is currently hosting an open call for submissions for our first issue, “Fazed.”

Submissions close Monday, October 1st at midnight (PST) with a projected release date in October 2018.

Faze: (v.) disturb or disconcert (someone).

What fazes you? We’re looking your darkest and most eclectic imagery, whether it’s Sharp Objects-esque or related to our current political state, in the forms of:

  • Poetry
  • Short Stories
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Essays or Articles

We are interested in submissions that are multidimensional and subvert the horror genre while humanizing our deepest fears.


We encourage:

  • surrealism, science fiction, mystery, thriller, and satire.
  • Creative submissions and artistic interpretations
  • Works that combine and play with language (English works that intertwine other languages are encouraged).


DEADLINE TO SUBMIT: Send submissions for “Fazed” to by no later than midnight on Monday, October 1. We will respond to your submissions via email.



For poetry, please submit 1 – 3 poems of any length/structure.

For short stories/prose, please submit up to 1 – 3 pieces, each under 1,000 words (think flash fiction).

All written submissions should be submitted via Word Document, PDF, or Google Docs. Please submit using Times New Roman, single-spaced, size 12 font. All visual submissions should be submitted in either PDF or JPEG form. 

Please title your e-mail as “poetry submission” or “artwork submission” in the subject line and feel free to submit a short (under 150-words) third-person biography in the body of your e-mail, as well as any links to social media that you’d like us to share with our readers.

Works will be complied into our digital literary & art journal.

We accept simultaneous submissions and previously published pieces (just let us know if any of your submissions have previously appeared in other publications). All contributors will retain the copyright to their work. And it’s awesome if your work is published again elsewhere — all we ask for is a credit and a link back to Epigraph Press (example: This work first appeared in Epigraph Press, Issue 1).


NOTE: All works submitted must be your own original work. We cannot accept submissions that consist of copyrighted materials or images that you do not have the creator’s consent to publish.

We will not consider erotica/pornography, graphic violence, racism, homophobia, sexism, or anything hateful.

Unfortunately, we’re currently unable to pay our contributors. We’re hoping that this won’t always be the case as we truly value the contributions of authors and artists (we just don’t make any money at this time).

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

— Natasha, Editor in Chief